Ring Protector

Sale price$29.90 USD
  • Tailored for RingConn Smart Ring.
  • 0.5 mm sleek & 0.8 gms light.
  • Medical Silicone: Hypoallergenic.
  • Soft: comfortable to wear.
  • Package: Ring Protectors × 3.

Size: S (Size 6-8)
Size Guide

Choosing the right size is essential for comfort and accurate readings.

*RingConn size is unique in comparison to the US Standard. Better to choose the 'Don't know my size' option to find the best size for you.

Step 1. Order Your Ring
Place the order by selecting the "Don't know my size" option. An additional free sizing kit will be shipped in the initial stage of your order without any additional charges.

Step 2. Sizing Kit Delivery

Anticipate the arrival of your sizing kit in 3 to 8 days(vary by location). The sizing kit enable to help you find your suitable size.

Step 3. Test Your Size
Select your preferred finger for size testing. For optimal performance and accuracy, we recommend the index finger, middle finger or ring finger.

Step 4. Submit Your Size
Submit your size and color by scanning the QR code within the sizing kit box. Your smart ring will be shipped within 3-10 days(vary by location). Feel free to share your sizing kit with friends and family.
*We suggest you create an account on RingConn.com first. This will make it easier for you to view previous orders, manage saved addresses, and submit your size.
RingConn size is unique in comparison to the US Standard. Better to choose the 'Don't know my size' option to find the best size for you.
Sale price$29.90 USD
ringconn smart ring protector

0.8 GMS Light

Light as a breeze, no extra weight.

Ring Positioning Marker

Ensures Correct Ring
Alignment Through Touch.

0.5 mm Sleek

As Ahin As
Screen Protector.

Medical-Grade Silicone

Defending Your RingConn.
Caring You.

Snug and Comfortable

No Irritation & Soft Silicone.
Ensures Cozy Wear.

ringconn smart ring protector

Unaltered Data Continuity

Seamlessly integrated, RingConn Protector ensures uninterrupted connectivity and protection without compromise accuracy.

ringconn smart ring protector

Tailored RingConn Compatibility

Specially designed to snugly embrace your smart ring, it guarantees maximum protection without compromising style or comfort.

ringconn smart ring protector

Quick Protective-to- Beauty Shift

Safeguard your smart ring in mere seconds, and enjoy the freedom to showcase its stunning design whenever you desire.