How to use RingConn Smart Ring to maintain a healthy lifestyle

RingConn User:

Pete Lewis, a 76-year-old retired mechanical engineer from North Wales U.K. He gained extensive experience working for 17.5 years in the field of oil and gas transportation offshore, then worked for 22 years as a production supervisor. Nowadays, he enjoys spending his free time indulging in hobbies such as walking with his dog, Doberman, walking and exercising in the mountains or forests of Wales, and living a peaceful life in the countryside.

Pete walks his dog Doberman while wearing RingConn

Pete wears his RingConn

Near Real-Time Monitoring: Enhance Workouts with RingConn

Last year there was a little bit of trouble and I was searching and comparing lots of smart rings. RingConn appetized me for its good look without a subscription and everything in health that I was looking for, so I went for one. I was one of the first to get the No. 628 new ring in the world.

I keep a close eye on my heart rate during exercise to make sure it doesn't go too high. I also keep track of it during walks by setting an alarm in an app. If my heart rate goes above a certain threshold, the app will alert my phone to warn me of a high heart rate over a certain time. I then stop, relax, and watch my heart rate reduce.

And when I work out, my Blood Oxygen Saturation(SpO₂)levels naturally go up. But if I notice a slight drop in SpO₂ during short walks, I take deep breaths to bring it back up. RingConn helps me track my heart rate and SpO₂ in near real-time monitoring, so I can adjust my workout speed accordingly.

Tracking Naps: Monitoring Sleep Habits with RingConn

I've made a promise to myself to try and get to bed at 11:00 every night. So in the RingConn app, I have it set for preparing to go to sleep at night and eleven as my bedtime. I make an effort to stick to that schedule and create a consistent routine.

Now, sometimes my dog wakes me up during the night, which I can't control, leading me to take occasional naps during the day. When he barks downstairs and needs to go out for toiletry things, I have to get up and take care of him. In those situations, I often decide to stay awake instead of trying to go back to sleep. If I get up at 5:00, I'll just stay up then tomorrow and have a nap in the afternoon or evening.

The good thing is that the RingConn app helps me keep track of my naps perfectly. It allows me to check my nap records and see how they contribute to my overall sleep pattern. I love how it shows my sleep graph - when I fell asleep, deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, and how many times I woke up at night. It's really helpful to have that information at hand and be able to monitor my sleep habits.

I have found that the best investment I ever made was in looking after my health. RingConn has a social media group where members can ask questions about the ring. I was one of the early members of this group and found it to be incredibly helpful.

Overall, I am vigilant about my health, and as long as everything appears normal on the app, I know I can continue with my activities. Additionally, the app also tracks my steps, which is quite beneficial for me.