Ring Protector


Product Features

  • 0.5 mm sleek: as thin as screen protector
  • 0.8 gms light: light as a breeze,no extra weight
  • Snug and comfortable,no irritation: soft silicone,ensures cozy wear
  • Ring positioning marker: ensures correct ring alignment through touch
  • Food-grade silicone: defending your RingConn,caring you

All-scenario RingConn Safeguard

After all this time, you can now focus on your workouts, gardening, packing and unpacking without any concerns about scratching your RingConn.

0.8 gms light

Light as a breeze,
no extra weight

One Set,
Three Protectors,
One Price

Get our Ringconn Protector set and enjoy three premium protectors for the price of one!

Unaltered Data Continuity

Seamlessly integrated, RingConn Protector ensures uninterrupted connectivity and protection without compromise accuracy.


Specially designed to snugly embrace your smart ring, it guarantees maximum protection without compromising style or comfort.

Quick Protective-to-Beauty Shift

Safeguard your smart ring in mere seconds, and enjoy the freedom to showcase its stunning design whenever you desire

Maintenance Tips

1. Due to the nature of the material, it’s normal for the ring protector’s surface to yellow over time, especially with prolonged contact with sweat and other acidic or alkaline substances.
2. Avoid contact with sharp objects during use to prevent breakage, scratches, or other damage.
3. If the surface or interior becomes dirty or dusty, please use hand soap or mild detergent to clean and air dry before use.
4. Avoid contact with cosmetics such as lipstick and hand cream. If contact occurs, please wash it off promptly.

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