RingConn Smart Ring

Sale price$279.00 USD
No Subscription Fee
7-day Battery Life
Forged in Lightweight Titanium

Color: Moonlit Silver
Size: 6
Size Guide

Choosing the right size is essential for comfort and accurate readings.

*RingConn size is unique in comparison to the US Standard. Better to choose the 'Don't know my size' option to find the best size for you.

Step 1. Order Your Ring
Place the order by selecting the "Don't know my size" option. An additional free sizing kit will be shipped in the initial stage of your order without any additional charges.

Step 2. Sizing Kit Delivery

Anticipate the arrival of your sizing kit in 3 to 8 days(vary by location). The sizing kit enable to help you find your suitable size.

Step 3. Test Your Size
Select your preferred finger for size testing. For optimal performance and accuracy, we recommend the index finger, middle finger or ring finger.

Step 4. Submit Your Size
Submit your size and color by scanning the QR code within the sizing kit box. Your smart ring will be shipped within 3-10 days(vary by location). Feel free to share your sizing kit with friends and family.
*We suggest you create an account on RingConn.com first. This will make it easier for you to view previous orders, manage saved addresses, and submit your size.
RingConn size is unique in comparison to the US Standard. Better to choose the 'Don't know my size' option to find the best size for you.
Sale price$279.00 USD
Free Shipping
No Subscription Fee
1-year Warranty
ringconn smart ring
ringconn smart ring for health

The Ultimate Wearable Device

Experience more accurate biometric data with RingConn-lighter, refined, and personalized. Get tailored advice from continuous 24/7 monitoring for the perfect sleep and activity tracking experience.

ringconn smart ring for sleep

Tailored Health Guidance

RingConn delivers personalized advice based on deep health insights, offering comprehensive wellness support with easy-to-understand metrics, improve your overall health.

Durability Guarantee

RingConn's titanium construction ensures resilience in any environment. Lightweight at 3-5g, it offers superior strength, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility, ideal for worry-free wear.

ringconn smart ring sizing kits

Perfect Fit, Perfect Performance

RingConn's Sizing Solution ensures optimal comfort and precise tracking. Our custom sizer guarantees the perfect fit, enhancing your wearable experience.

ringconn smart ring for sleep

3D Accelermeter

Tracks movements in three dimensions, providing valuable insights into daily activities.

Temperature Sensor

Monitor your body temperature, offer insights into health and wellness indicators.

PPG Sensor

Providing accurate insights into heart rate and overall cardiovascular health.

Get All Function

Take Control Of Your Health In 3 Easy Steps

ringconn smart ring

Unbox And Charge

Open your RingConn package and charge the ring with the provided case to activate Bluetooth.

ringconn smart ring free app

Download The App

Download the RingConn app from your Smartphone's app store and set the settings according to your preferences.

ringconn smart ring health tracker

Monitor And Adjust

Use the app to track your health data and periodically refine your goals based on these insights.

Trusted By

ringconn smart ring cooperating institutions
ringconn smart ring cooperating institutions
ringconn smart ring cooperating institutions

Product Specification

  • Durable titanium & PVD coating
Weight & Dimensions
  • Width: 7.8mm
  • Thickness: 2.6mm
  • Weight: 3 to 5 grams (depending on ring size)
  • Photoplethysmography (PPG) Sensor × 4
  • Temperature Sensor × 4
  • 3D Accelerometer
Battery & Power
  • Ring Battery Life: Up to 7 days on a single charge.
  • Portable Charging Case: 500mAh capacity for 18 full recharges.
  • Full charge in 90 minutes with Ring's fast charging capability.
  • Bluetooth 5.2 (Low power bluetooth module)
  • EMF-Safe and Allows Airplane Mode
  • IP68
Package List
  • Quick Guide × 1
  • USB-C Cable × 1
  • Manual Instructions × 1
  • RingConn Smart Ring × 1
  • Portable Charging Case × 1


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Carlton M.
The Ring

Battery life is true to claim. Measurements are highly accurate as well. Very satisfied,the only Draw back if you get the Black Ring the color will Fade.

Ralf K.

I‘m really happy with the ring!

Peter L.
No 1 Ring for Health

Had this ring over a year, get 6-7 days battery life, there are monthly updates which vastly improve the ring - fertility tracking and sleep apnea due for release very soon, being tested by group beta testers.
The main points I like I can instantly check vitals after sleep - Heart Rate- HRV - spo2 ( oxygen levels) also you can check these manually as live check anytime, sports modules now being added for sports persons
Love the sleep tracking and checking how many steps per day I do and heart rate whilst walking - notifications if high heart rate happens -
Overall this is the a great ring - No monthly Subscription
Great readings
Regular updates
Not a mark on ring after 12 months plus wearing
Ringconn rep on Facebook page to ask any questions,
Love this ring it’s been a health game changer for me.
Good interaction by group members on Facebook page


Awesome gadget.

Julie P.
Best Gift Ever!

My husband gave the ring as a gift. It is by far the easiest, most comfortable and accurate health monitoring piece of equipment I have ever owned. The ring has help me to improve my sleep and to increase my activity because I am constantly trying to improve the length and quality of both! I tell everyone I know about this ring and how it has improved my quality of life. The fact that it is super affordable is great too. Thanks, RingConn!


So far so good. Battery life is true to claim. Measurements are highly accurate as well. Very satisfied!