RingConn appeared at IEEE AICAS 2024 in the UAE, and announced its research results on sleep apnea.

RingConn appeared at IEEE AICAS 2024 in the UAE, and announced its research results on sleep apnea.

The 6th IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems (IEEE AICAS 2024) was recently held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. As a premier conference of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, AICAS is dedicated to promoting and advancing frontier research, innovation, and development activities in the field of artificial intelligence circuits and systems. It provides a platform for global scholars and technologists to exchange experiences, showcase research results, and advance AI circuit and system technologies.

Breakthrough Research Achievements of RingConn

RingConn, in collaboration with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Shenzhen University, presented two papers at the conference, "OSAHS Detection Capabilities of RingConn Smart Ring: A Feasibility Study" and "A Pulse Correlation Model for PPG Signal Quality Assessment and Key Pulse Extraction." These papers demonstrate the RingConn's latest technological achievements in intelligent health monitoring.

The first paper, "OSAHS Detection Capabilities of RingConn Smart Ring: A Feasibility Study," explores how the RingConn Smart Ring detects Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS) using a deep learning model based on multi-modal physiological signals.
OSAHS is a common and severe sleep-disordered breathing condition characterized by repeated episodes of apnea and hypoxemia during sleep, affecting sleep quality. Snoring is one of its common symptoms, with 25% of snorers having OSAHS, and 10% of OSAHS patients potentially developing hypertension, stroke, memory impairment, and other diseases.
The RingConn Smart Ring offers a more convenient and non-invasive monitoring solution compared to traditional polysomnography (PSG). It works by collecting photoplethysmography (PPG) signals and blood oxygen saturation from the fingers. Compared to wrist-worn smartwatches, the smart ring has significant advantages in signal quality and stability, making it an ideal tool for health monitoring such as OSAHS detection.
PSG and RingConn Smart Ring
This study closely collaborated with Ruijin Hospital affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, recruiting 230 volunteers to build a dataset for OSAHS monitoring based on the smart ring. In this study, each participant wore both PSG equipment and the RingConn Smart Ring simultaneously for overnight OSAHS monitoring.
The RingConn Smart Ring can monitor photoplethysmography, blood oxygen saturation, acceleration, and temperature in real-time. Researchers ensured that each participant provided at least 6 hours of sleep data segments to ensure data sufficiency and accuracy. The experimental results show that the RingConn Smart Ring's OSAHS monitoring is highly consistent with PSG results, with a correlation coefficient of r=0.93, demonstrating its application potential in medical health monitoring.
RingConn Smart Ring and Finger Clip Pulse Oximeter
The second paper, "A Pulse Correlation Model for PPG Signal Quality Assessment and Key Pulse Extraction," introduces a method using PPG signals to measure physiological parameters such as heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. To address the issue of pulse quality being affected by motion artifacts in dynamic measurements, a pulse correlation model-based signal quality assessment (SQA) method and a key pulse extraction framework were proposed to reduce pulse redundancy and obtain representative pulses.
Experimental results show that SQA based on PPG pulse morphology is feasible, and the extracted key pulses are not affected by abnormal pulses. This method has significant application value in data processing of the RingConn Smart Ring, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of signal processing.
Workflow diagram of key pulse extraction framework

RingConn Smart Ring and Health Management

These research results not only demonstrate the innovation and technical strength of the RingConn Smart Ring in health management applications but also further solidify Ninenovo Technology's leading position in the global intelligent health wearable device market. As the company's core product, the RingConn Smart Ring integrates high-precision biological signal collection technology, proprietary low-power technology, intelligent algorithm analysis, and a user-friendly free app to provide users with around-the-clock health monitoring and personalized health management advice.

Since its launch, RingConn has won widespread recognition and praise from users around the world for its sleek design and outstanding performance. RingConn will continue to uphold the mission of "providing uniquely valuable products and services for human health" and remain committed to the research and innovation of intelligent health products, seeking the path to health through technology.

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RingConn exhibited at IEEE ISCAS 2024 and demonstrated its latest research results in blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea

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